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Our mission is to help you, help others

Jewels for Generosity is committed to helping cause-driven organisations amplify their fundraising efforts, by providing no-risk jewellery packages to raffle, auction or simple fundraise at events.

Whether you're hosting a trivia night or a black-tie gala ball, with 1000's of styles of jewellery on offer, we can provide an amazing selection tailored specifically to entice your donors.

How Does it Work?

How does it work?

Jewels for Generosity provide you simple, turn key, no-risk jewellery fundraising packages that help you to increase your fundraising potential.


All profits are yours to keep!


Through our vast range of jewellery, we can curate a luxurious package - to compliment your fundraising event - completely risk free!


When the item reaches reserve, your organisation will receive 100% of the profits over cost. If an item doesn't reach reserve pop the item into the return parcel we've provided you and send it back to us. You will never incur any costs if items don’t help your fundraiser.


We exist solely to support your cause!

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Hosting a fundraising event?

A dedicated fundraising specialist will have an in-depth consultation regarding your event. We will inquire about your fundraising goals, the audience attending and what fundraising systems you’re currently running to supply our best support.


Leaving nothing for you to worry over, your team will receive everything you need to masterfully market your luxury jewellery package.


We’ve developed ourselves to plug straight into your preferred fundraising platforms including the provision of professional photos of the chosen jewellery, Australian retail replacement insurance valuations, accurate descriptions and even suggesting starting reserves to help you maximise your fundraising.


Got questions? We have the answers...

  • Where does the jewellery come from?
    Our parent company is a global luxury jewellery manufacturer and auction house. Our department was founded to give back during these tough times with items that would’ve otherwise been sent back to factory for recycling into new designs, wasting the potential that our Giving Sector could benefit from.
  • How much do your services cost?
    There are NO costs for our services if the jewellery does not sell. We truly are a risk free partnership for you to benefit from. Each piece of jewelry has a flat cost. If an item sells, Jewels for Generosity will be awarded the initial flat cost of the jewellery and a simple handling fee of $50 or $75 dependent on the size of fundraising package you choose, to support shipping costs. The remaining donations are yours to keep to contribute towards your fundraising goals!
  • What happens if an item does not reach reserve?
    If an item does not reach reserve, you have the option of purchasing the item outright or simply return it to us in the prepaid return parcel provided to you.
  • What happens if an item gets lost in transit?
    All parcels are tracked and are 'Sign on Delivery' to add an extra layer of certainty. All items are insured under our comprehensive insurance policy which covers transit.
  • How much are your shipping costs?
    Jewels for Generosity provide flat Handling Fees for a 'no surprise' method of shipping. Our Handling Fee includes express postage and the relevant insurances to cover the pieces that are on their way to and from you. A $50 'Handling Fee' is added to all consignments or purchases of less than 15 pieces of jewellery. A $75 'Handling Fee' is added to all consignments or purchases of 15 pieces or more of jewellery. *Direct Consignments or purchases of 20+ pieces will incur a handling fee to be discussed*

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