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Terms and Conditions:  


Jewels for Generosity offer two solutions to supplying your operation with luxury and high-end jewellery at an extremely affordable cost.  




As we are the direct designer, manufacturer and distributor of these luxury pieces of jewellery, we have cut out all the ‘middlemen’ and their associated exorbitant costs. We are offering a special opportunity to those within the Giving Sector, the chance to OWN our jewellery at deep wholesale costs. This allows you to absorb all ‘middlemen’ profits to inject back into your cause. As we do not sell direct to consumer nor retail, you’ll be assured that the jewellery you’re offered is both stunning and rare.  

Prior to your purchase, a fundraising consultant will hold an in-depth session with you to understand your target audience, your budget, your style and to learn about the events you host. Once a clear understanding has been reached, we will then search our thousands of lines of jewellery to provide you a beautiful package within your parameters. A curated list with example photos and descriptions will then be sent to you.  

Once your choices have been made and payment has been finalized, your fundraising consultant will begin organizing for professional photos to be taken of each piece of jewellery. Subsequently following the completion of photography, your pieces will be polished and placed into their presentation shipping boxes then expressed shipped to you.  

Handling Fees include: insurances, express post shipping and handling  

A ‘Handling Fee’ of $30 will be added to all direct purchases between 1-20 pieces of jewelry 

A ‘Handling Fee’ of $50 will be added to all direct purchases over 20 pieces of jewelry 




Our Consignment Fundraising Program is very simple. We will work with you every step of the way to assure that you have the best suited items in place for a successful fundraiser. 

Prior to your event, a fundraising consultant will hold an in-depth session with you to learn about your event and understand your target audience. Once a clear understanding of your event is obtained, we will begin to prepare a customized list of suggested consignment fundraising items that have seen a successful track record. 

Prior to your event, we will mutually agree on the appropriate number of items for your fundraiser along with their consignment price. Only after an item sells, will your organisation be responsible for the cost of the consignment item. There is nothing to buy unless it sells! There are no other fees or percentages charged for items that are sold at your event. 

Once your event has passed, your fundraising consultant will invoice you for the items sold and you will provide the winner’s address for immediate drop shipping. If the jewellery, does not sell, then all we ask is that you ship it back to us in the express post bag provided.  

Minimum pieces to be consigned: 

10 pieces per event 

40 pieces per one month reservation 

20 pieces per 3 month reservation 

All pieces of jewellery will remain the sole property and on the premises of Jewels for Generosity. Jewels for Generosity will ‘drop ship’ all pieces of jewellery by express post, directly to winners within two business days of funds being received. If jewellery is requested to be on site for your fundraiser, you agree to provide insurance in covering loss and damage whilst on your location or you agree to pay Jewels for Generosity for the cost.  



Direct Consignments are considered to be having packages sent to your location for a singular event.  

‘Handling Fee’ of $50 will be added to all direct consignments of packages between 1-20 pieces. 

 A ‘Handling Fee’ of $75 will be added to all direct consignments of packages of 20+ quantities.  




All lines of jewellery offered to you, will have the ability to be exclusively reserved by you under our ‘Exclusivity Agreement. 

This service can be provided at 1 and 12 months. If further exclusivity is desired, please connect with your fundraising consultant for negotiations.  

Tier 1 (3 months): Cost +10%  

Tier 2 (6months): Cost + 20%  

Tier 3 (12 months): Cost + 35%


Jewels for Generosity reserves the right to cancel or deny all exclusivity contracts at our discretion.  

Note: Diamond Tennis Bracelets, Diamond Stud Earrings, Diamond Solitaire Rings, Pearl Stud Earrings and Pearl Necklaces do not apply for exclusivity. 

Australian Consumer Law Requirements 

Our goods and services come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. For major failures with the service, you are entitled: 

  • to cancel your service contract with us; and  

  • to a refund for the unused portion, or to compensation for its reduced value.  

You are also entitled to choose a refund or replacement for major faults with goods. If a failure/fault with the goods or a service does not amount to a major failure, you are entitled to have the failure rectified in a reasonable time. If this is not done, you are entitled to a refund for the goods and to cancel the contract for the service in order to obtain a refund of any unused portion. You are also entitled to be compensated for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage from a failure in the goods or service.  

In addition to the rights conferred by the Australian Consumer Law, the express warranties and policies set out in our 12 month limited warranty apply.   

12-month Limited Jewellery Warranty 


A unique 12-month limited warranty covering the quality and workmanship of all jewellery is included from the date of purchase. Our warranty is only valid if the jewellery is proven by our independent jewellers to be defective due to the manufacturing process. Jewellery pieces are delicate by nature and therefore should be treated as such, to be worn with care.  

Simply contact us to arrange an assessment by a qualified jeweller.  

Please provide your proof of purchased item and the Jewels for Generosity receipt within 12 months of the date of purchase to file a claim under this guarantee.  

When jewellery needs to be repaired or replaced or has suffered a major failure, you should contact Jewels for Generosity to begin the warranty process. You will need to return the jewellery to us and will be held responsible for paying the shipping. However, you are entitled to reimbursement for any reasonably foreseeable costs associated with the problem, such as the price of sending the jewellery back to us for repair, replacement, or return if a major fault or failure has been determined. 

This warranty does not cover harm brought on by mistreating jewellery. We will refund, swap, or repair your purchase if a qualified jeweller reasonably determines that it is not of acceptable quality. 

Nothing in the assurance is meant to limit or exclude compliance with the Australian Consumer Law or the Competition and Consumer Act 2010, including any implied warranties or guarantees that cannot be withdrawn.  

Should the Valuations of jewellery be lost/stolen/damaged and need replacement, proof of receipt is to be provided and a $50 reprint fee collected, before the original Valuer is contacted for reprinting.  

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