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Make your next fundraiser sparkle 

Jewels for Generosity's no-risk jewellery packages are a fantastic addition to any fundraising event! The jewellery not only adds sparkle and legitimacy, but effortlessly amplifies funds for your cause!


Our fixed-price packages with recommended reserve pricing, ensures any amount raised above that pre-agreed upon cost, goes straight back to you. We offer express shipping for all consignments held on your site or we have the offer of drop shipping, sending your jewellery directly to your donors.

Our process is as easy as ...1, 2, 3.

1. Select your jewellery package


A dedicated auction specialist will work with you to curate a beautiful jewellery package, based on your event type, attendance, and your fundraising goals. 


We provide professional photos of the jewellery and their matching valuation, complete descriptions and suggested opening bids, making it fast and easy to upload to the information to your fundraising platform. 

2. Shipping 

For in-person events, our team will express post the jewellery directly to you, seven days before your event to ensure your package arrives in time. 


For virtual events, we will express post the items directly to your winners, covering all shipping expenses and providing tracking information to you. We also include a personalised handwritten note of gratitude, thanking your patrons for supporting your cause.​

3. Only pay for items that sell! 

After your event, we'll contact you to identify what has been sold and invoice you for the supply cost. All donations, thereafter, are yours to keep.  


If an item doesn't reach reserve, the item can be purchased outright or is simply returned to us in the prepaid parcel provided.


Ready to take your 
fundraiser to the next level?

Speak to a fundraising specialist today

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