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About Us

Jewellery curated for generosity

Founded by a team of like-minded giving individuals, Jewels for Generosity was born as the solution to the question: How can we make discontinued jewellery more sustainable?

We are dedicated to providing wholesale jewellery at a markedly reduced price, to the cause-driven organisations that support all those in need. By doing so, we are not just contributing to a more sustainable manufacturing future, but also contributing to the futures of the vulnerable in our communities.

Ethically Intentioned


Our jewellery is sustainably and responsibly sourced using only Recycled Metals and Non-Conflict Diamonds and Gemstones. The jewellery is manufactured using factories that abide by International Labour Laws and Chemical Sustainability Guidelines.


Jewels for Generosity take a firm stance against unethical gem and diamond mining practices; you can be sure that your fundraising efforts support local businesses, while also making a direct impact to your cause.

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Lizzie Williams
General Manager

Lizzie is passionate about giving back to the community. Originally from California, Lizzie has witnessed the impact of how a disability can greatly restrict quality of life. For the last six years, Lizzie has spent her weekends volunteering with the Broadbeach United Ability Program, helping children living with learning disabilities stay active. 

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Victoria Nathan
Fundraising Specialist

Victoria is a passionate and dedicated professional who uses her skills and administration expertise to make a difference in the world. Her work is essential to the success of Jewels for Generosity and the charitable organizations we support to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Our Team
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