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Beautiful Jewellery. Supporting Charities Australia Wide

By supporting Jewels for Generosity, you not only acquire a stunning piece of jewellery that will be passed down for generations, but you’re also contributing to our mission to ‘Help you, Help Others’. 

Profits made on each sale are donated to the charity of your choice.

At checkout, let us know which charity organisation you would like to support and we'll be sure to make the donation.

Kindly recommend other fundraising initiatives you feel could benefit in partnering with us, we aim to support all.

Please share this website link with all your family and friends to help broaden our reach. 

See something you like but you'd prefer a different gold type, setting or stone? Hit the 'contact us' form and we'll work with you to provide the perfect piece you're desiring.

With access to thousands of designs, we are sure to have something you will simply love. 

Rings can typically be resized up or down 1-2 ring sizes at your local jewellery shop. Needing a bigger jump? Hit the 'contact us' form and we'll create the design in your size.


Thank you for partnering with us and contributing to a brighter future.

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